Chips More Technology Limited was formed in 2022 ,we have been committed to long-term supply of electronic components, including active and passive parts, to OBM / OEM / ODM / EMS customers. The products are widely used in consumer electronics, security, digital analog communication, electronic engineering test and development, aerospace and shipbuilding industry, automotive electronics, medical treatment, office, military and so on. In order to ensure that we can provide customers with the latest and most needed products, we have sound global channels and always keep pace with foreign supply information and products, try our best to solve the shortage demand and keep a large number of stock, so as to meet customers' needs in product R & D, component procurement and production to the greatest extent.

    Our QC team has many years of experience in testing electronic components. Before each delivery, we will inspect the materials in strict accordance with the company's quality management requirements, so as to minimize the quality risk. It can guarantee shorter delivery time and faster delivery service to customers.

    We only buy and sell original and genuine products,No refurbished and counterfeit products,We will provide all product details for you to confirm before shipment so as to avoid a lot of trouble and loss to your production due to fake and shoddy products,You don't have to worry about trading risks.

     You just need to tell us the product list you want and we will do the rest.